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A virtual work environment can easily change a simple task-based misunderstanding into a person to person conflict. As an experienced communicator you’re aware that non-verbal communication is a great empathy builder. Deprived of face-to-face communication, behaviours are magnified, intentions are misread and opinions are formed. The training Managing Conflict in Virtual Teams is for everyone who needs to overcome the challenges of virtual team conflicts, enabling participants to deal with conflicts confidently and successfully.

  • Gained confidence when working in English with collaborative technologies
  • Developed key language to actively participate when using a variety of collaborative technologies
  • Built a toolbox of language to improve understanding
  • Acquired the skills necessary to lead and guide online and remote communication
  • Learned how to respond appropriately to typical derailers
  • Transferred practical strategies to ensure your online meetings are clear and effective


  • What is effective communication really?
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication – and when to prefer which?
  • Auditing your options
  • Building alignment on why, when and how you’ll use which tool within your team
  • The challenge of email in virtual teams
  • Sweetening your emails with SUGAR
  • Getting the most from your virtual meetings
  • Presenting in a virtual environment
  • Problem solving in a virtual environment
  • Tackling common dilemmas through best-practice sharing and peer- coaching
  • Best-practice sharing

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