Web3 Methods: An exploration and implementation of the new Internet

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No prior knowledge of blockchain programming is required. It is recommended to have a basic knowledge of any programming language.


  • Explain the functional components of Blockchain and their interactions
  • Deploy and handle a basic Blockchain infrastructure
  • Use the Solidity language to program in the Ethereum environment to understand Smart Contract principles
  • Deep dive into Web3 methods
  • Explaining powerfulness of Web3 methods and their ability to interact with blockchain and Smart Contract
  • Understanding design principles for using Web3 methods
  • Development of Web3 based service


This course intends to show Web3 methods in practice.

The objective is to give participants practical knowledge of blockchain's main concepts, such as Smart Contract characteristics and interaction with Smart Contracts via Web3 methods. In this course, we explore the powerfulness of Web3 methods (using Web3.js) and conceptualizing it with real-world applications. At the end of the course, the participant acquires a foundational understanding of Web3 methods and Blockchain programming.

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