Structured Products - Fundamentals

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At the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of structured products, having analysed:

  • What they consist of and their main component parts.
  • Their development and peculiarities within the overall framework of issues offered (EMTNs, funds, certificates/warrants…) as well as the impact of the Lamfalussy plan on public issues. In what way they are of interest to both issuers and investors.
  • Their own particular terminology (protected capital and capital at risk, guaranteed and non-guaranteed coupon, callable structured product, launch/payment date and maturity date, directional structured products, promise structured products, mixed structured products).
  • The associated risks and risk classes to which they are likely to belong depending on their level of protection (secure structured products, dynamic structured products, speculative structured products).
  • The circumstances of their launch as well as the parties involved (technical committee, risk committee, commercial committee) and events characterising their life cycle.
  • The underlying assets on which it is possible to establish them and how to use them effectively in managing a portfolio.


  • History and origin of structured products
  • International development and regulatory framework
    • Types of issue
    • Structured products within the context of mifid
    • European prospectus including "advantages and inconveniences"
    • Diversity of the range of structured products
  • Democratisation and diversity of structured products
    • Issuers’ interest
    • Clients’ interest
    • Issue volumes
  • Identification of the vocabulary used for characterising structured products
    • Guaranteed capital
    • Non-guaranteed capital
    • Guaranteed coupon
    • Non-guaranteed coupon
  • Launch of a structured product
    • The idea of the launch
    • Validation of the launch
      • Minimum amount to be achieved
      • Examination of the launch conditions
  • Development of the underlying assets
    • Equity
    • Rate/foreign exchange
    • Commodity
  • Structured products as a portfolio management instrument
    • Awareness of use as an investment tool
  • Introduction to trading on the structured products market
  • The importance of the maturity date and behaviour on maturity

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