Sophrology – Cap on our Well-Being!

Inter and intra-company training

Who is the training for?


Level reached



At the client's discretion

Each workshop: 1 hour

All necessary information are collected and number of workshops are defined during a first appointment

Language(s) of service





  • Coping with stress PICS, anxiety
  • Installing peaceful mind SUSTAINABLY
  • CONCENTRATION on objectives, projects

During each session, you will use your inner resources and potential.

You learn how to manage the emotions to strengthen your personal life balance while maintaining your values

Add a touch of Sophrology to my daily activities

You learn how to use these exercices anywhere, anytime, combined with your everyday activities.

Your everyday life is enriched with some tip & tricks for

  • More Serenity
  • A better Sleep
  • A Stronger Motivation
  • An Increased Self-Confidence


Daily exercises - integrated into your everyday habits (eating, travelling, shower, sleeping, working, etc):

  • Various Breath Methods – Mental & Physical Calm
  • Relaxation techniques - Emotions, Concentration, Physical Pains
  • Mental projection / Visualisation – Goals, Stress, Tensions

Points covered

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Lack of concentration
  • and other problems induced by stress

Teaching methods

Program, agenda and number of sessions defined during the first appointment.


Discussions and questions from participants at the end of each workshop

Certificate, diploma

Attendance certificate / Presence list

Mode of organisation

Workshops possible via Skype / Zoom, at your premises or CAP premises.

Additional information

You need additional information? Please contact me at

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