GDPR: advanced level (e-learning)


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All public

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1,20 hours(s)

Durée: 80 mins (40 mins de contenu digital + 40 questions pour renforcer l'apprentissage)

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is certainly the most important personal data legislation of the last 20 years.
Train your employees on the new requirements with PwC's Academy e-learning modules.

After the "RGPD: the fundamentals" module, we offer you a "RGPD: advanced level" module. This will allow your organization to deepen its knowledge of the GDPR, to be able to meet its various requirements, as well as to analyze and manage the potential risks inherent in the processing of personal data.

Mixing micro-videos, texts and knowledge tests, this e-learning course offers participants a unique and interactive learning experience at their own pace.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand the concept of data privacy;
  • identify the main GDPR requirements that impact your organization;
  • identify the potential risks associated with the processing of personal data;
  • understand the concept of "responsibility" and how to demonstrate it;
  • get an overview of how to handle cross-border data transfer in the context of GDPR;
  • think about the GDPR measures that can be put in place to ensure data confidentiality.


Benefits of our digital learning solution

  • A fast and cost effective learning solution
  • A course developed by an expert in a style accessible to all
  • Content made up of engaging videos, allowing for a mix of learning methods and better retention of information
  • A course followed by a mandatory evaluation
  • Easily accessible at any time and on various media: computer (laptop or not), tablet or mobile phone

Additional information

Nous offrons notre e-learning à partir de 10 licences individuelles.

  • De 10 à 50 participants: 95 EUR
  • De 51 à 150 participants: 90 EUR
  • De 151 à 300 participants: 80 EUR
  • Au delà de 301 participants: 70 EUR

Ce cours en ligne a été développé avec le soutien et la collaboration d'Antonin Jakubse, Senior Manager chez PwC Luxembourg.

Depuis son arrivée chez PwC, Antonin a développé une expertise dans le domaine du Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données ("RGPD") ainsi que de solides compétences en gestion de projet. Il a ainsi pu réaliser différents types de projets, allant de l'analyse des lacunes à la mise en œuvre de solutions. Il est le référent pour les questions de confidentialité (y compris le RGPD) et assiste le responsable du développement des relations commerciales avec les clients existants et nouveaux.

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