Python: Finance Analytics and Data Science (S-IT0042)

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Anyone who wishes to use Python for finance, financial analysis and algorithmic trading.


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Anaconda, Python and its prerequisites
Knowledge of programming
Knowledge of basic statistics and linear algebra


Walkthrough everything you need to know to use Python for finance, financial analysis and algorithmic trading: The basics of Python, the different
base libraries used in it, Py-Finance ecosystem on Spyder as well as the libraries NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Statsmodels, the Quantopian platform for Trading.


  • Python's NumPy library to quickly work with numeric data.
  • Python's Pandas library to analyze and visualize data.
  • Python's Matplotlib library to create custom charts.
  • The statsmodels module for time series analysis.
  • Financial statistics such as daily returns, cumulative returns, volatility,etc.
  • Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages.
  • ARIMA models on time series data.
  • Fundamental Finance Techniques.
  • The Sharpe ratio.
  • Optimizing your financial portfolio management.
  • The financial asset valuation model.
  • Learn more about efficient financial market assumptions.
  • Perform algorithmic trading on Quantopian.

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