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The training is available from 01/02/2023 to 30/11/2023.

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  • To provide a practical approach to the basic principles governing recognition and protection of intangible assets in businesses.
  • To explain intellectual property rights: patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, and related commercial interests including confidential information, trade secrets and know-how.
  • To provide an insight into the exploitation of intellectual property and the strategic business use of patents and database information.
  • To introduce the methodologies used for valuation of intangible assets and strategies for their valorization.
Online training

The Institut de la Propriété Intellectuelle Luxembourg (IPIL G.I.E.) provides an e-learning training programme designed to develop users’ competencies in intellectual property (IP). This programme, provided exclusively online, contains learning modules presenting the main IP rights (trade marks, patents, designs and copyright). The content proposed in this training is divided into two business oriented learning paths to be chosen when registering. The total duration of the course is between 20 to 30 hours depending on the learning path selected.


IPIL offers two learning paths: one designed for CEOs, managers and other professions in a business environment, as well as one that is more tailored to suit engineers and researchers and similar professions. Each learning path is composed of a set of courses that can be selected according to the participant’s profile when registering.

Learning path: IP for engineers, researchers

This learning path focuses on the patent and its use as a source of information. It offers two modules: the first one covers the different IP rights (patents, trade marks, designs and copyright) as well as trade secrets, software and databases; the second module concentrates on the use of patents as a source of information (patent search on Espacenet and analysis of patent information).

Learning path: IP for CEO and business managers

This entrepreneurial oriented learning path takes a more strategic approach to IP and emphasises its economic and financial aspects. The course offers two modules: the first one on the different IP rights (patents, trade marks, designs and copyright) as well as trade secrets, software and databases; the second module focuses on the financial evaluation, valuation and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Optional courses are available to those who have enrolled into one of these paths. Moreover, three intellectual property introduction courses are also available for free upon registration (10 hours of training). A certificate of attendance will automatically be issued at the end of the training.

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Fees: € 100 per learner excluding VAT.

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