Promoting gender equality in your organisation

Intra-company training

Who is the training for?

Women and men interested in understanding how gender equality can be promoted in an organisation and see how anyone can be an agent of change at their own level.

Level reached



1,00 day(s)

Language(s) of service



  • Understand how gender equality can be promoted in an organisation and the role of companies / employers
  • Understand the main systemic, societal and individual barriers to overcome
  • Be aware of gender biases and stereotypes at work
  • Dare to talk about the importance of gender equality in an organisation, from informal discussions at the coffee machine to the board room
  • Identify how you can become an agent of change in your company


  • Gender equality as part of Diversity & Inclusion, why people and organisations need to act?
  • The current state of the gender gap at work and education, latest research
  • Gender pay gap, glass ceiling, maternity and child care issues
  • Common stereotypes and biases
  • Gender policies
  • What is no longer acceptable in a company
  • Advocating for gender equality

Teaching methods

This training will be interactive and will also be based on experience sharing.

Certificate, diploma

A certificated will be issued for the participants who have attended the entire day.

Additional information

Pour vous inscrire à la formation ou si vous souhaitez des renseignements supplémentaires, contactez-nous.