Professional Qualification in Risk Management (Investment Funds)

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

Training courses are designed to meet the needs of 3 different audiences:

  • anyone wishing to acquire fundamental knowledge in Risk Management for funds
  • people having already a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Risk Management and wishing to acquire a solid practical understanding of Market Risk/Operational Risk/Credit Risk/Liquidity Risk for funds
  • people having a thorough knowledge of Risk Management


88,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



Effective Risk Management today is a necessity not only for funds,but also for various players across the fund industry. ALRiM, theLuxembourg Association of Risk Management Professionals,and the House of Training have therefore developed a training programme in Risk Management for funds which provides a professionalqualification forprofessionals and managers from other areas of financial serviceswho want to acquire a solid understanding of risk management.


The programme offers 8 targeted courses.

The knowledge and professional competencies of programme participants are evaluated through written examinations on the material covered in each course.

To obtain the certification Professional Qualification in Risk Management (Investment Funds), candidates must complete 12 days of training in risk management and pass the exam for each course.

  • Risk Management - Fundamentals (1 day)
  • Risk Management Framework for Funds (1 day)
  • Credit & Counterparty Risk for Funds (1 day)
  • Market Risk for Funds (2 days)
  • Liquidity Risk for Funds (2 days)
  • Operational Risk for Funds (2 days)
  • Risk Management - Governance and Organisation of Risk Management for Funds (1 day)
  • Workshop on Risk Management for Funds (2 days)


Optional exams are available for all those seeking to certify their experience through recognised examinations.

Additional information

Registration to each training has to be done separately, by clicking on the above links. They will redirect you to the training page, where you will find related information, as well as the registration button to the training and to the exam.

All courses of this training pathway are offered in English.

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