Private Debt

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4,50 hours(s)

3 sessions of 1h30'

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The private Debt module consists of 3 sessions.

In the 1st session, we will go through the history of the asset class and we will see the Fund structuring different mechanics and economics as well as the Credit selection and diversification, control mechanisms, returns, and value creation.

2nd session focuses more on credit funds and banking monopoly and how they are used in the context of credit funds.

For the last session, we will highlight differences between a private debt structure and the other AIFs. Key priorities, points of attention, and terminology.


SESSION 1 Introduction to private debt
  • A short history of the asset class
  • Fund structuring, mechanics and economics
  • Credit selection and diversification
  • Control mechanisms Returns and value creation
SESSION 2 Luxembourg legal and regulatory considerations relating to debt funds
  • Credit funds and banking monopoly – limits and opportunities
  • Luxembourg special limited partnerships
  • RAIFs – and how they are used in the context of credit funds
SESSION 3 Back to basics on Private Debt
  • Operations: main counterparties interactions, roles
  • Differences between a private debt structure and the other AIFs
  • Key priorities, points of attention and terminology
  • Valuation perspective: key elements, different options derived from the investment strategy as well as the parallel with the IPEV guidelines

Teaching methods

Online sessions with Q&A.

Certificate, diploma

Certificate of completion

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