Neither doormat nor hedgehog: assertiveness for win/win scenarios

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3,25 hours(s)

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  • Identify specific assertive behaviours, skills and strengths
  • Take a positive approach and communicate more effectively
  • Learn how to express negative thoughts and feelings in an assertive manner; say "No" when you need to


Is having your voice heard without resorting to passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviour crucial to you? Then assertiveness is the key! Be firm but fair, positive and constructive for a “win/win” outcome for yourself and the others in any situation. That way, you’ll work towards maintaining satisfying professional and personal relationships.

The purpose of this participative workshop is to learn more about assertiveness and talk through how we can express ourselves and manage situations in a more assertive way for greater effectiveness in social and business interactions.

Part 1: Assertiveness is a happy medium between two extremes of aggressive and passive.

What is your preferred approach when managing conflicts? Key elements and values towards assertiveness (respect, empathy, listening and non-judgement).

Part 2: Learn to communicate more assertively. Use facts. Suggest solutions rather than focusing on the problem.

Don’t make it a personal issue (for you and the other). Aim for a win/win outcome. Part 3: Use the DESC approach to express negative thoughts and feelings. Select your words carefully (possibly the most crucial elements of assertiveness!). Say “No” while offering an alternative.

Experts: Séverine Jones, Keyjobs

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Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in print and/or digital media published by Maison Moderne.

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