C++ programming language course

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

This course is suitable for all adults who want to learn the C ++ computer language.

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36,00 unit(s) of 50 min

Separate appointments for compact courses.

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Bases of a computer use (keyboard, mouse, Dateiexplorer, text editor) is assumed.

The visit of a Workshops of the Arduino programming with C ++ "basis programming of a micro-controller" is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary.


You will learn to create, link and compile C++ programs with as well as without any paid software.

You will also get to know the modular basic structure of programming with the main program and subprograms.

You will learn various commands and subprograms that you can implement with free or paid software. For a better understanding, we will implement what we have learned in practical exercises. The necessary hardware will be provided to you.

This course is offered as a hybrid course (blended learning), what means that you can participate in many dates online via video link.

You can participate at part-time. The dates for the necessary exercises and attendance dates, such as the final exam, will be arranged with you. If needed, you can also complete the exercise dates online after prior arrangement.

In the practical training sessions, a laptop with installed software and the necessary hardware will be provided for each presence participant.

For online participation you need your own laptop with camera, speaker and internet connection. If necessary, we will install any software required for programming together with you.


You will learn:

  • Valid variable names, conventions
  • Basic data types (char, int, bool, double,...)
  • Type conversions and rounding
  • Avoid common mistakes with exercises
  • Framework of a C++ program, commands, comments
  • Writing C++ programs with an editor without developer software
  • Compile and link process without developer software
  • Create programs as self-executing exe files
  • statements to control the program flow (if-else, switch-case, jump statements)
  • Head and foot loops (while, do-while, for)
  • Arrays/Fields (one-dimensional, multi-dimensional, strings)
  • Modules (header and source files)
  • Functions (circle calculation, travel time calculation etc.)
  • Creation of a DOS calculation program with pocket calculator functions
  • Presentation of various development software (IDE)
  • Writing C++ programs with developer software (software-specific program framework) with integrated compile and link process
  • Practical application and exercises with microcontroller, remote control and LEDs

Points covered

You will also receive private access codes to the interactive exercises and tests as well as teaching materials for preparation and follow-up. With the access codes, you can visit the practice area at any time of the day or night. You can use the interactive exercises to see your learning progress.

Questions will be answered on the attendance dates and/or in separate video conferences by arrangement.

Teaching methods

The form and content of this course corresponds to the university modules "Fundamentals of Programming in C++ " and consists of lectures in presence or online, own preparation and follow-up as well as exercises and tests.


You will find exercises and interactive tests on our website's training platform.

At the end of the course, an evaluated final examination will take place.

Certificate, diploma

After a successfully finished final examination you will receive a certificate with confirmation of the successful participation and a listing of the course contents.

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Language and price
DE 1620,00€
DE 1620,00€
DE 1620,00€

Mode of organisation

Additional exercise material and, if necessary, separate question and practice hours by appointment.

Additional information

You log in to our educational platform with your personal access code, where you can grab the documents and run interactive tests at any time.

For more information, please refer to our website www.institut.lu

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