Introduction to trust services, including electronic signatures

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No prerequisites necessary (basic knowledge of computer science is considered an advantage)


This course provides an introduction to trust services and, in particular, to electronic signatures. The focus is on fundamental concepts, the legal framework underlying electronic signatures as well as on practical examples of how to create and validate electronic signatures on documents. The course also provides an overview of other trust services such as website authentication, electronic time stamps, seals and electronic registered delivery services.

At the completion of this course, the participant:

  • has acquired basic knowledge of digital signatures and certificates,
  • has learned how to electronically sign documents and how to validate electronically signed documents,
  • has acquired basic knowledge of the legislative framework on electronic signatures,
  • will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the trusted list,
  • has acquired basic knowledge of other trust services (e.g., website authentication, electronic time stamps, electronic seals or electronic registered delivery services).


Electronic signatures are more than ever a key component in digital transformation. Fundamental concepts can be explained in an esay way to allow everybody to understand and even use such services. This course also provides a neutral and objective overview of products and providers.

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Informations supplémentaires

Those participants who possess a smartcard or an identity card with an electronic certificate can bring these cards with them to the course together with a laptop. However, the course can also be accomplished without such a card.

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