How to realize a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Project and prepare your company for the Metaverse

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  • Understand and master all the technologies around Virtual or Augmented Reality and the Metaverse.
  • Understand what kind of projects are feasible and what mistakes to avoid before creating your first project.
  • To be able to initiate a project using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and to be able to prepare your company for the arrival of the Metaverse.
    • Know the basics of a good user experience in a virtual world
    • Avoiding the mistakes to be made before launching your first project
    • Know the basic terms of virtual projects


The name change of Facebook to Meta showed, that virtual and augmented reality will be part of our future if we like it or not. It is now possible to live in the metaverse where we have our own avatar representing a digital clone of ourselves. There are endless possibilities to interact in this virtual life where we can buy clothes for our digital version and even go shopping like in the real world. If you want to experience how the future could look like come and join our training on AR and VR and learn how your company can prepare itself to this massive trend.

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