How to achieve viable financial asset tokenization

Inter-company training

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All public


10,00 hours(s)

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Blockchain knowledge, Solidity


  • Understand the principle and challenges of tokenization
  • Understand the ERC3643 and ONCHAINID protocols
  • Be able to interact with ERC3643 and ONCHAINID smart contracts
  • Be able to respond to a real-life use case using the tools shown during the training


In this course, we will explain what technical steps Tokeny took to answer this question. We will focus on the problems inherent with dealing with financial assets and how we translated them - and creatively solved them - on a public blockchain. From the ERC 3643 protocol to onchain identity management, we will cover the whole lifecycle of the tokenization process with real use cases and our technical expertise.

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

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