How a successful recruitment process, can turn your HR, into one of the most profitable areas of your company

Inter-company training

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All public

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3,25 hours(s)

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  • Understanding and defining key job roles
  • How to identify and select top talent
  • How to keep employees engaged in their roles, in a competitive market
  • What makes a good interview
  • How to structure interviews
  • Psychometric Analysis and its use in the interview process
  • The key things you should know about building successful companies


Drawing on over a decade of recruitment experience in Financial Services, this workshop will be presenting the most important, and most valuable, factors to take into consideration when building a successful approach to recruitment.

This workshop will help you to see how HR can become a major centre of profit for your organisation. Starting with a strong base understanding of how to identify your organisation’s key needs is the first step, and then you will be taken on a journey of building a sound approach to recruitment, and one that will help drive forward all the other areas of your organisation. The workshop is helpful for every level of both HR and business people, but it is especially helpful for people who want to have a lasting impact on their organisation.

Expert: Rana Hein-Hartmann, Funds Partnership

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Les participants à nos événements sont informés du fait qu’ils sont susceptibles de figurer sur des photographies prises lors de l’événement. Celles-ci sont destinées à être publiées dans les supports écrits ou numériques édités par Maison Moderne.

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