Getting from Cost Reduction to Business Transformation

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  • Understand the general background behind costs, cost reductions and business transformation
  • Customer case study: provide context and information for an interactive exercise
  • Understand complementarity between structural cost reduction and business transformation
  • Understand the recommended approach and key success factors for a structural cost reduction project


Today, most CFO will have Cost Control high on their priority list. If not initiated by the CFO himself, Cost Reduction projects will emerge sooner or later from the CEO, the shareholders or from business environment pressures.

This is increasingly true in an environment where competition is stimulated by globalization and digitalization, resulting in tight margins.

However, Cost Reduction is a double-edged sword. If precipitated and done superficially (blind cost freeze, flat reduction applied across the organization, etc.), it will only postpone the problem.

The only way to achieve long-lasting cost reductions is to take a structural approach, where benefits will come in two flavours:

  • Short-term benefits, from the reductions in themselves that will build up incrementally across the years.
  • Long-term benefits from company transformation projects: business & operating models, IT Architecture, etc.

Through one of our customer’s Case Study, we will demonstrate the benefits of a Structural Costs Reduction Project.

Along with this business example, we will illustrate our methodology and pragmatic approach to unlock the full potential of Structural Costs Reduction. Expert : Michel Maréchal – Senior Manager ngage - Edouard Hansoulle – Manager ngage

Experts: Michel Maréchal, Senior Manager and Edouard Hansoulle, Manager (nGage Consulting)

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