Futures - Fundamentals

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At the end of this course you will have a good understanding of futures and their peculiar terminology, having analysed:

  • The historical development of the market and in particular the underlying problems (lack of standardisation) of Forward contracts when the forward markets first emerged (Chicago Board of Trade) and their spread throughout the United States
  • The development of forward markets internationally (Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia)
  • The various types of forward contract (contracts on storable products, contracts on non-storable products, traditional financial futures and financial futures on price indices)
  • The key elements governing the organisation and operation of futures contracts forward markets:
    • The listing market place (Bourse/Exchange), its operation and role
    • The object of the transaction (forward contract), what it consists of, its characteristics, its purpose, its opportunities from liquidation to maturity
    • Traders and other parties involved (Stock Exchange traders and external parties)
    • The transaction system (types of quotation encountered, long/short positions, role, working/advantages of the clearing house, margin systems)
  • How the price of a futures contract is constructed (Report, Deport)
  • For what purposes (hedging, trading, arbitrage) they can be used
  • Numerous examples illustrating how they work


  • Introduction and origins of futures contracts
  • International development of futures markets and exchanges
  • Various types of futures contracts
    • Contracts on storable products
    • Contracts on non-storable products
    • Contracts on financial instruments and price indexes
  • Organisation and operation on forwards markets of futures contracts
    • The trading place
    • The futures contract
    • Operators and participants
    • The transaction system
  • Mechanism of price building of futures contracts
  • Using futures markets - principles
    • Hedging
    • Trading or speculation
    • Arbitrage

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