Excel 2016 - Pivot Tables

Blended learning

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All public


3,50 hours(s)

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Basic knowledge of Excel Functions


Analyse your data with Pivot Tables


  • Introduction
    • Organise your data in a list layout
    • Create a pivot table
    • Select data in a pivot table
    • Add data to a pivot table
    • Remove data from a pivot table
    • Update data in a pivot table
    • Recommended pivot tables
  • Views
    • Hide/Show items in a pivot table
    • View details (drill down)
    • View the source data
    • Add/Remove subtotals
  • Groups
    • Grouping items in a pivot table
    • Automatically group numeric values
    • Automatically group date values
    • Ungroup
  • Calculations
    • Create calculated fields
    • Use calculated fields
    • Use a pivot table value in a formula
  • Options
    • General options of PivotTables
    • Change options
  • Pivot Charts
    • Create a PivotChart
    • Manipulate a PivotChart

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