Crypto Investments - New Pathways to Freedom and Wellbeing

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

Beginners or people being emotionally carried away during trading

Level reached



4,50 hours(s)

A total of 3 sessions that build on top of each other. Each session takes 90 minutes.

Language(s) of service



This course is for you if you want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Learn how you can use them for your future to achieve financial wellbeing. Learn about the financial terms and get practical training on how to use them in real life.

  • Learn about financial literature, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. What does FIAT, stable coin and government token mean? What is even the difference between a coin and a token? Which trading apps exist and how do they differ?
  • Learn the difference between long-term investment and day trading when it comes to cryptocurrency, and find your path to freedom.
  • Learn about the emotional rollercoaster every new trader encounters and how to avoid taking fear driven decisions that result in a financial loss. Stay mentally healthy and sane while building your wealth.


Live sessions. All materials presented during the live sessions will be made available to the participants upon completion of the course.

  • Financial terms basics - introduction and explanations for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, long term investment, yield, day trading
  • Practical applications - trading, staking, lending, investing, learning strategies and methodologies
  • Psychological insights - fear and greed, FOMO - fear of missing out, practical methodologies to build mental resilience and strength, emotional regulation

Mode of organisation

The sessions will be live over zoom. Participants are encouraged to write their questions in the chat or send them in advance.

Additional information

Good connection to internet and 90 minutes of intense focus for each session.