Best Practices Microsoft Word - Optimise Your Reports and Documents

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  • Good basic knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Good knowledge of the use of the Windows environment


After the training the participant shall be able to:

  • Create and edit documents using styles and templates efficiently
  • Automate the presentation of documents
  • Structure and write your document in a communicative way


Before creating your document

  • Target audience and objectives of the document
  • Composition (content) and typography (form): 2 distinct and complementary tasks
  • Structure and content: prior reflection
  • Data sources and reliability

Creating your document

  • Creating, saving and using a template
  • Creating a document from several others
  • Inserting files into current documents
  • Importing elements from other programs (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Structuring your document

  • Structuring your document using title styles and the navigation pane
  • Handling the different levels of titles
  • Moving chapters using the navigation pane
  • Structure and logic: to each his own!

Laying out your document

  • Using the theme. Creating and modifying the existing theme.
  • Creating, modifying and using styles (character, paragraph, table, list) and style sets
  • Create, modify, use and delete a section
  • Between originality and sobriety: some rules

Taking care of the visual and graphic elements

  • Front pages
  • Inserting images in a long document
  • Creating a table of figures
  • Visual elements and efficiency

Goods practices

  • Creating a table of contents and changing its appearance
  • Generating an index
  • Writing a clear and effective report using written communication techniques
  • Simplifying information where necessary
  • Summarising your document in one page

Certificat, diplôme

By the end of the training, the trainee will receive a statement of participation issued by the House of Training.

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