Time Management

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

  • Personnes travaillant dans les banques, les restaurants, les ambassades ayant besoin d'organiser des événements et des réunions.
  • Personnes organisant des fêtes et des activités.

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10,00 week(s)

50 heures: 40 heures online + 10 heures présentiels ou en ligne avec le professeur

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Are you short of time to finish all your tasks at work? Sometimes you even bring work home? Do you complain, feel irritated, don't have time to go out or stay with the family, or to date read a book, go to the gym? Do you live with sleep, don't have time for new activities and always reject personal projects?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, you may not be able to manage your time. But don't worry: there is a way, learn yourself.

Be aware that the time management course offers proven techniques for organizing, controlling and prioritizing which can increase your productivity and free time, making your life better and more peaceful.

Good time management helps reduce stress, improves well-being and, therefore, increases quality and life expectancy.

Know how to manage your time, to the point of being able to use it as an ally and not as an enemy. It is a skill that companies appreciate and that you can apply immediately in your professional and personal life.

After all, we all know that Time is a non-renewable resource on the planet and that it does not return. But it is possible to sell it more.


The main themes of the time management course are:

Unit 1- Hour
  • Presentation
  • What is time?
  • What is time management?
  • Why it is so important to manage your time
  • How time can influence your life
  • The Pareto principle
  • Time management principles
Unit 2 - Personal behavior compared to time
  • Time management and concentration
  • Assertiveness
  • Using discipline to save time
  • How to define what is important and what is urgent
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Demotivating habits
Unit 3 - Use time to your advantage
  • How to better plan your time
  • Techniques to manage your time more effectively
  • Plan tasks in routines and batches
  • Tips to save time
Unit 4 - Time spent on daily work
  • The importance of saying no
  • Interruptions
  • Appropriate use of the computer
  • Getting the most out of meetings
  • Know how to delegate
  • Stress management
  • Fencing
  • Bibliographic references

Points covered

Une bonne gestion du temps contribue à réduire le stress, améliore le bien-être et, par conséquent, augmente la qualité et l'espérance de vie.

Sachez gérer votre temps, au point de pouvoir l'utiliser comme allié et non comme ennemi. C'est une compétence que les entreprises apprécient et que vous pouvez appliquer immédiatement dans votre vie professionnelle et personnelle.

Certificate, diploma

OHC ASBL Certificat

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