Team management

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Chefs de groupe

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10,00 week(s)

60 heures: 50 heures en ligne + 10 heures présentiels ou en ligne avec le professeur

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A good leader is of crucial importance to any business or professional team. Knowing how to guide a company to achieve its objectives and manage the human resources of the organization are two of the main characteristics of this professional, who must know how to speak well in public, delegate tasks and understand the motivations of his employees.

The objective of the Team Management course is to impart to the students various knowledge necessary to lead a team towards success, starting with the recruitment of collaborators and having repercussions on everything that needs to be done on a daily basis to keep the team aligned with the research best results.


The main topics of the team management course are:

Unit 1 - Team building

Attract the right people
Differences between teams and workgroups
Types of teams
Motivation as a team management tool
Factors that can negatively affect teams
Continuously improving teams

Unit 2 - Effective leadership

Leadership in the workplace
Leadership styles
Getting the most out of the team
Diagnose and manage conflicts

Unit 3 - The importance of communication in team management

How the communication process works
Comments from team management
Manage frustrations

Unit 4 - Interpersonal relationship

Information sharing
Constructive behaviors
Make team decisions

Certificate, diploma

OHC ASBL Certificat

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