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Symposium - Data Science for Explainable and Trustworthy AI

13, rue Erasme
L-1468 Luxembourg
13h00 - 17h00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to an increasing number of domains. The implications of such deployments are heavily discussed – among AI professionals and, increasingly, in the general public. As the discussion in public media picks up speed, it has become clear, that the public needs to establish a well founded trust in AI systems. Such trust can be established in different ways, e.g. by positive experience with AI-systems in everyday life, certification of AI systems by trusted authorities or sound or credible communication by experts. A major obstacle for building trust in AI systems is currently a lack of understanding of the inner workings of some of the models applied in AI, even among AI experts. Efforts to illuminate, or explain, the inner workings of such systems are, thus, of critical importance...

The European Association for Data Science organises a summer school: "Data Science for Explainable and Trustworthy AI" from Wednesday June 7th to Friday June 9th 2023 in Kirchberg.
The summer school is preceded by a public opening event on Tuesday June 6th 2023.

At the heart of the public event is the Sabine-Krolak-Schwerdt-Lecture, in memoriam of EuADS’ founding president. This will be held by Wolfgang Härdle (HU Berlin, Germany)

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