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423 result(s) found for this training organism, the reference web site in the training domain in Luxemburg
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Parcours Certifiant: Développement Personnel - Time management avec Outlook Software E-mail management software Outlook software Luxembourg
Speak comfortably on the phone Languages English Applied english Secretarial english Luxembourg
Langage non-verbal et comportement corporel : lorsque notre corps parle pour nous. Personal and professional development Interpersonal relations Body language Luxembourg
Recruter autrement grâce à la psychomorphologie Human resources Personnel administration Recruitment Luxembourg
Mettre en place une stratégie de "Lead Generation" Sales management Marketing Direct marketing E-marketing Luxembourg
Change Management: soft or hard skill? Bringing together the disciplines and skills for the realization of the strategic objectives Company management Company strategy Change management Luxembourg
Change Management : soft ou hard skill ? Faire converger les disciplines et compétences pour la réalisation de vos objectifs stratégiques Company management Company strategy Change management Luxembourg
La gestion électronique des documents dans votre société Software Documentary software Luxembourg
La collaboration intergénérationnelle en entreprise: frein ou tremplin ? Company management Supervising Intercultural supervision Luxembourg
La responsabilité civile à l'heure de l'automatisation de la technologie Banking and insurance Insurance Civil liability insurance Luxembourg

What field are you looking for?

+ Audiovisual and multimedia
+ Banking and insurance
+ Company management
+ Computer science
+ Defence, Prevention and Security
+ Economics
+ Financial management
+ Health and sanitary sector
+ Human resources
+ Humanities
+ Industrial automatism
+ Information Communication
+ International trade
+ Languages
+ Law
+ Marketing
+ Personal and professional development
+ Property
+ Quality
+ Sales management
+ Secretarial and assistantship
+ Social action
+ Software
+ Tax law
+ Training and education consulting

What level do you want to reach?

+ Advanced
+ Beginner
+ Intermediate

What language do you want your training course to be in?

+ English
+ French

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