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Strengths-based management

2 jour(s)


  • How to ritualise what one does best to achieve immediate and consistent results
  • How to identify the skills of everyone
  • How to enable every co-worker to express his/her strengths
  • How to develop in order to achieve excellence on certain skills

Strengths-based management is the ideal solution to meet these challenges.

This approach, which we will call "positive leadership", is based on the combination of three proven pillars/theories:

1. Appreciative inquiry: Studying what one does best in order to replicate it and capitalise on it
2. Positive psychology: Promoting self-development and self-fulfilment
3. Strengths theory: You're never better than when you use your strengths, because you can never win by focusing on your weaknesses

This course offers a clear, structured approach to strengths-based management, relying on simple, proven concepts and effective tools.


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Identify their colleagues’ strengths and drivers
  • Understand and apply strengths-based management
  • Explain and share effective development tools
  • Replicate and ritualise successful environments and situations
  • Implement a positive-leadership management style


1) Why strengths-based management?
  • Understanding the appreciative inquiry approach
  • Understanding the strengths theory
  • Why rely on strengths? (business case)
2) Identifying talents and strengths
  • WOW interview: Interviewing technique which enables a manager to identify his/her strengths/drivers/successful environments
  • Gallup’s 34-strengths technique
  • Talent signature: Identifying one’s intrinsic motivation
3) Development dynamics
  • Enabling one's teams to maximise their strengths/talents by developing their skills
  • The 3-zone concept
  • The 4 development modes and the 70/20/10 approach
  • How to implement joint development
  • Promoting collective intelligence
  • Listening and questioning techniques
4) Development objectives and actions
  • Creating one’s development matrix
  • Identifying development objectives which are specific and ambitious but achievable
  • Observing the 80/20 strengths-to-weaknesses ratio
  • Capitalising on high added-value development actions
5) Implementing the development
  • Mapping one’s skills with regard to one's business assignments
  • Mind mapping: analysing how to use one’s strengths in one’s work
  • Monitoring development through joint development, best self-analysis and feedback

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Managers and senior executives looking to:

  • optimise their team dynamics
  • develop their co-workers’ strengths
  • enable their talents to become even better but also retain those talents
  • adopt a positive leadership posture
  • become coach-managers or strengths-based managers
  • mobilise or remobilise their teams

HR leaders who are looking to deploy positive leadership within their company but who are still unsure about which approach they should adopt

Informations supplémentaires

The “+” of this training

You will be exposed to the four learning modes which are necessary to retain information and feel operational by the end of the course:

  • Observation: you will observe the coach as he uses the tools
  • Experimentation: you will experiment with each tool or concept that has been presented to you
  • Theory: you will understand the theory behind each tool or model that has been introduced or presented to you
  • Exchanges: you will exchange constantly with the other members of the group and with the coach

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