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QNSRE® - Selection and analyze tool

1 jour(s)

7 hours


  • Analysing and understanding different personalities in a record time without psychometric tests
  • Based on your candidates’ date of birth, identify their motivation, reactions, strategies and resources under stress
  • Being able to tailor your strategy and decision making by understanding how the others are


  • History of numerology
  • The three centers (cartesian, emotional et mental)
  • Definition and presentation of the 9 numbers
  • Identification of numbers linked to the three centers
  • Identification of the individuality arrows (the human individuality special aspects)
  • Case study of famous people with practical exercises
  • How to anchore numerology in a professional environment.
Méthodes pédagogiques

The training alternates theoretical contribution and personal reflexion, exchanges with the group, practical exercises and role-play.

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Executives, HRD, Recruiters, HR Staff, Sales representatives, Purchasers and anyone willing to improve or confirm his human relations’ analysis


Méthodes d'évaluation

At the end of the training, from a date of birth the participants will be able to do a quick numerological study.

Informations supplémentaires

QNSRE®: Quick Number Study Recruit Easy

Numerology as well as morphopsychology which are "in vogue" concepts are more and more often used for recruitment. Our tool QNSRE (Quick Number Study Recruit Easy) will allow you validate your intuitions in a record time without having to add costs for psychometric tests.

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Niveau Avancé
Organisation Formation inter-entreprise
  • Equipped classroom
  • WiFi access
  • Teaching materials and paper documents and digital tools.
Langues de prestation

In collaboration with Véronique Lamiable

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