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Environmental impacts

2 week(s)

Cours de 70 heures (10 heures en présentiel + 60 heures en ligne)


Everyone knows that the environment is fundamental for the maintenance of humans on planet Earth. Natural resources have allowed a great technological evolution in a short time.

However, due to the unrestrained use of these resources, the planet has suffered serious consequences, such as desertification, the greenhouse effect, increased pollution, among others. These effects are called environmental impacts.

Environmental impact assessment is a preventive instrument that aims to ensure that environmental impacts are analyzed and taken into account before the implementation of a given project.

This instrument has brought a new awareness to the world population, which has endeavored to seek alternatives for the exploration of the environment, such as recycling, renewable energies, tougher laws, etc.


The main themes of the course on environmental impact are:

Unit 1 - Contextualization

Environmental education
Dynamics for environmental education
Environmental impacts on society

Unit 2 - Laws and environment

Environmental legislation
ISO 14001 history
Environmental crimes
Environmental license

Unit 3 - Environmental management in companies

Environmental diagnosis
Environmental ethics
Environmental management systems (EMS)
Environment X Profitability

Unit 4 - Sustainability

Sustainable development
Environmental impact study (EIA)
Sustainable consumption
Renewable energy (RE)
Recovery of degraded areas
Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
Course completion

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

Intéressé par l'environnement, les professionnels de l'environnement.


Certficate, diploma

Certificat OHC - Ministère de l'éducation

Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Office House Capellen.

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