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IATA Foundation in Travel and Tourism Diploma

3 mois


Build your leadership skills and industry knowledge with a combined focus from IATA.

What you will learn

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Create efficient travel itineraries and reservations using geography skills and standard industry coding
  • Advise customers about travel document and health requirements, travel insurance, transportation and tourism products and services
  • Price and ticket basic air itineraries
  • Lead and spark innovation, secure strong teams, and drive business success
  • Plan and manage business processes such as accounting and finance, writing business cases, measuring performance, coaching, marketing and customer loyalty.

We prepare you to the Travel and Tourism world and business. With a IATA Diploma we open you the doors of this amazing and endless worldwide job offer pool. You will get a general and as well more specific training about the Travel and Tourism but as well other not so common understood topics like Life Animal, Perishable Goods, Lithium Batteries and much more.


Travel and Tourism products and services

  • The Travel and Tourism Industry
  • The Travel Professional
  • Geography in Travel Planning
  • Environmental Tourism
  • Travel Formalities – Documents, Health, Taxes, Insurances
  • Air fares, ticketing and GDS functionality
  • Air Transport Essentials
  • Transport – Rail (Train), Road (Car, Bus, Camper), Water (Cruise, Ferries), Air

LAR Life Animal

  • How to transport and respect what regulations with life animals?

Dangerous Goods Cat 15

  • General philosophy, Limitations, Labelling and marking, Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods, Provisions of passengers and crew, Emergency procedures

Lithium Batteries

  • All regulations to handle and transport Lithium Batteries in a safe way.

PER Perishable/Pharma

  • What are perishable goods and how to transport them to not perish.
  • What regulations must be respected to guaranty a safe transport for pharmaceutical equipment and medicine.

Galileo or Sabre or Amadeus

  • How to use the 3 most important reservation systems in travel business

Selection by category:

  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing Others
  • Managing the Business

Selection by role:

  • First-Time Manager
  • Mid-Level Manager
  • Senior Manager
Méthodes pédagogiques

A small class of maximum 9 students

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

  • Travel business front-line and back office staff members, supervisors, managers and administrators, travel agencies and tour operators
  • Airline front-line and back office staff members, supervisors, managers and administrators
  • Marketing and sales representatives, managers and administrators of tourism offices
  • General sales agent and call center agents, supervisors and managers

Everybody is welcome to follow the Travel and Tourism Training.

You are all mostly welcome.


You can have already a certain knowledge of Travel and Training or in the Aviation, you will always learn a lot more as we offer an extremely high variety of different topics.

If you do not have any previous knowledge, that's very good as we will open you the doors of wisdom of the Travel and Tourism world.

The English language is mandatory.


Méthodes d'évaluation

At the end of each module, a certificate of completion is awarded to those who pass and at the end of the training we will do a final exam for the Travel and Tourism IATA Diploma.

Certificat, diplôme

IATA Diplomas

Informations supplémentaires

In addition of the online application we need more personal information’s of you, an actual CV with recent picture (only PDF), address, phone and email, birth info, nationality, languages, CNS Nr and if you are at ADEM.

You need to be an EU citizen/have EU passport or to have a Schengen Visa, valid for minimum 6 months. We do not provide any Schengen Visa.

Voir les coordonnées de l'organisme

Le contenu de ce descriptif de formation est de la seule responsabilité de son auteur, l'organisme de formation Aviation Academy Luxembourg.

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Niveau Débutant
Organisation Formation inter et intra-entreprise

All training documents will be available in class

Langues de prestation
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