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Stress management : Cardiac coherence and self-hypnosis

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  • How to manage stress in a simple and effective way
  • How to increase your adaptability
  • How to transform old operating patterns that have become unsuitable
  • Understanding and intergrating the effects of the cardiac coherence on the brain’s cognitive and emotional processes
  • How to gain serenity and joy of life


Step 1: Understanding some essential concepts
  • The heart rate variability
  • The influence of cardiac coherence on the emotions and stress symptoms
  • The influence of cardiac coherence on cognitive abilities, managing issues, intuition skills and creativity
  • What are the assets of self-hypnosis?
Step 2: Testing
  • The practice of emotional neutralization tools to stop the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and negative emotions
Step 3: Feeling
  • The physiological benefits and regenerative aspects of cardiac coherence
  • Self-hypnosis beneficial impacts on the effects of "negative" emotions and stress
Step 4: Concluding phase
Méthodes pédagogiques

The training alternates theoretical contribution and personal reflexion, exchanges with the group, practical exercises.

These exercises will help you manage stressful moments and give you a new life perspective

Points abordés

" Stress is part of life. It can be reduced, but it can’t be eliminated, so it’s useful to learn how to manage it well. "

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone willing to intergrate an easy and effective method to improve health and managing stress.

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Le contenu de ce descriptif de formation est de la seule responsabilité de son auteur, l'organisme de formation RH Lab..

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Niveau Débutant
Organisation Formation inter-entreprise

1 day with a group between 3 and 8 people
Preferential price on demand for groups

  • Equipped classroom
  • WiFi access
  • Teaching materials and paper documents and digital tools
Langues de prestation

In collaboration with Véronique Lamiable

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  RH Lab.   890.00 €
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