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European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL Certification (English)

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The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is an internationally recognized certification documenting practical competencies in the use of the most common IT applications. Currently, 14 ECDL modules and five certificates, covering modern requirements with regards to IT knowledge, are available. The PC based tests are organised at the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center.

The European Computer Driving Licence:
  • emphasises competencies and abilities by an internationally recognised certificate;
  • is a summary of IT knowledge, which is useful for further education;
  • corresponds to the needs expressed by the labour market with regards to IT.

With the ECDL certificates, companies and organisations guarantee their staff thorough knowledge in the daily use of the most common Office programmes, operating systemss and internet aplications.

Over 14 million people in 148 countries have already taken part in the ECDL certification programme.

This international recognized certification enables you to develop and certify your computer skills in the subject areas of your choosing and to the level you need.


The ECDL is made up of a range of modules – each module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas, which are validated by a test.

Base Modules
  • Computer Essentials: This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for using computers and mobile devices, for creating and managing files, for dealing with networks, and ensuring data security.
  • Online Essentials: This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for browsing the web, finding information efficiently, online communication, and email use.
  • Word Processing: This module covers skills concerning the use of word processing, e.g. writing letters, formatting, editing document page settings, inserting a table or using spell check.
  • Spreadsheets: This module covers skills such as creating charts, using and applying mathematical and logical formulas, sorting data, and entering data in cells.
Standard Modules
  • Using Databases: This module covers fundamental knowledge regarding the structure and management of databases.
  • Presentation: This module covers the proficient use of a presentation programme, e.g. how to enter a well-structured text in slides, create a presentation with a consistent slide design and animation effects or how to print handouts.
  • Online Collaboration: This module covers best practice regarding social media, online meetings, online learning platforms and mobile devices.
  • IT Security: Ce module fournit des connaissances élémentaires sur la sécurité dans l’utilisation des TIC au quotidien. Cela inclut la connexion sécurisée à un réseau, la sécurité sur Internet et la sécurisation des données et des informations.
  • Image Editing: This module covers the practical application of an image editing programme to improve, edit and print digital photos as well as publish them online. Additionally, this module conveys an understanding of the main concepts of digital image editing.
Advanced Modules
  • Word Processing: This module covers skills needed for the professional use of a word processing programme, e.g. using fields, forms and templates.
  • Spreadsheets: This module covers advanced spreadsheet skills, e.g. the analysis of data in tables, conditional formatting and custom number formats.
  • Database: This module covers the key database concepts necessary to understand a relational database and use an appropriate application to create an advanced database structure and outputs.
  • Presentation: This module covers advanced skills such as inserting movies and sounds, linking and embedding data into a slide and creating presentations for specific target audiences.

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

The ECDL is aimed at all computer users:

  • employees,
  • students,
  • the unemployed and others.


Méthodes d'évaluation

  • To get an ECDL certificate you will need to pass certain certification tests.
  • See 'Additional information' below

Certificat, diplôme

The certificate allows them to evaluate and validate their IT compentencies.

Informations supplémentaires

The ECDL tests: Practical tests

The main strength of the ECDL tests resides in their practical aspect: the problems to be resolved during the different module tasks are carried out within the chosen application and all correct solutions are accepted. The help function can be used to finalise the required tasks. A certain amount of theoretical learning content is tested by multiple-choice questions (for instance in the IT security module).

  • For each module, one test needs to be passed.
  • The maximum duration for one test is 45 minutes.
  • The test outcome is considered successful if the candidate has correctly answered at least 75% of the questions.
  • Test questions are either in English, in French or in German (language to be chosen by the candidate)
  • Tests leading to a certification take place at the LLLC, a certified ECDL test centre, and are supervised by an ECDL examiner.
ECDL - MODULAR certification

The ECDL certificates prove your knowledge in using various computer programmes confidently and efficiently. To get an ECDL certificate you will need to pass certain certification tests. You can either have your basic computer knowledge (ECDL Base et ECDL Standard), or your advanced knowledge in the use of Office (ECDL Expert) certified.

  • ECDL Base: upon successfully passing the four basic modules
  • ECDL Standard: upon successfully passing the four basic modules + 3 standard modules (to be chosen from a selection of 5 available tests)
  • ECDL Expert: upon successfully passing 3 advanced modules (to be chosen from a selection of 4 available tests)
  • ECDL Profile: upon successfully passing 4 modules of your choice (Base, Standard, Advanced)
  • ECDL Typing: upon successfully passing one of the three levels of proficiency

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