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Sophrology at Work – Cap on our well-being!

10 hour(s)

10 workshops - 50 minutes each -( +10 min discussions)


Equation for our well-being:

Mental release + free of body tensions = A person full of energy!

Every week, participants activate their own capacity and resources.

They learn to manage their emotions to find their personal life balance while respecting their values.

Your everyday life is enriched:
  • Daily serenity
  • Deep, restful sleep
  • Smile on lips
  • Joy of life, motivation
  • Increased confidence

and that list is far from complete!!


  • Different breathing methods
  • Deep relaxation techniques (managing, interpreting our emotions for stronger foundations)
  • Techniques of body dynamic relaxation (improving concentration, self-confidence, reduction of stress and related problems)
  • Mental visualizations (reduction of mind chatter, unpleasant thoughts, fears, positive outlook of a situation, focusing on goals, projects, events)

One positive parenthesis, which becomes part of our daily life!

Teaching methods

Knowledge is validated during the training by practical exercises.

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?





Assessment methods

Discussions and questions from participants.

Additional information

Co-funding of trainings - Private sector companies, that are legally based in Luxembourg and that carry out their activities mainly there, can obtain training support worth 15% (taxable) of the sum invested annually.

The State's financial contribution increases to 20% (taxable) for participants' salary expenses if the following criteria are met on the date on which the training plan starts either no recognised diploma and less than 10 years' seniority, or aged over 45.

Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Cap sur la Sophrologie, HR Consulting, Training, Coaching .

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Level Débutant
Organisation Formation inter et intra-entreprise

These workshops:

  • are organized on request, "à la carte"
  • according to agendas' availibilities
  • take place either at your premises,
  • or mine, depending on the number of people.

This is determined during the first contact.
270 Eur. per participant. (10 sessions).
Payment 1 week before the start of the training.

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