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3 month(s)

Comprenant 55h: 45h online et 10h presentiel


Learn the basics of sewing and perfect your French

Thanks to this training, participants will:

  • Learn the basis of measurements
  • Learn how to take measurements
  • Learn the construction of basic patronages
  • Learn sewing by hand
  • Know the materials for sewing
  • Know how to prepare a mannequin
  • Learn to pin the sleeves

To facilitate their integration into the job market, participants also take sector-specific French courses. Part of the course is dedicated to daily life and another part of the course to professional life.

Finally, a few hours of lessons are also devoted to integration into the labor market through the explanation of the laws, rights and obligations of people working in Luxembourg.


  • Introduction to the history of sewing
  • Material Science
  • The different types of sewing
  • Introduction to patronage
  • Molding of basic forms of skirts
  • Skirt with pleats, basque and others
  • The top molding with relief and full-bodied type
  • French course specific to the sector
  • Integration courses on the labor market: history and culture, government and relevant administrations (employment contract, insurance, school system, etc.)

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Toute personne qui veut apprendre la couture
  • Toute personne qui veut perfectionner son français dans le secteur de la couture
  • Toute personne qui souhaite s'intégrer au marché de l'emploi


Assessment methods

Examen théorique et pratique

Certficate, diploma

Certificat OHC

Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Office House Capellen.

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Level Débutant
Organisation Formation inter et intra-entreprise


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