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Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) - Financial Intelligence

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The Financial Action Task Force is giving serious attention to Terrorist Financing, but within Europe certainly within Governments and the Security apparatus the onus is shifting away from Terrorist Financing as a definition, to the more effective use of this financial data in an Intelligence role to identify the terrorist / jihadist / radicaliser / extremist. Hence the focus is now on FININT; in particular the Security apparatus and Law Enforcement want effective intelligence from banks within the confines of current data and information sharing regulations and protocols. The banks need thematic information that allows them to deploy algorithms and filters within transaction monitoring that alerts them to cases that call for deeper investigation.

At the end of the training, the participant shall be able to:

  • be more proficient in the financial investigation / analysis of counter terrorism
  • understand how financial intelligence can be used in identifying and disrupting the financing of terrorism
  • understand the typologies and trends related to the financing of terrorism
  • gain access to a unique reservoir of actual CFT case study from international investigations


  • Introduction
  • Terrorist Financing and the Current Threat
  • The Path of Radicalisation
  • Recognising Radicalisation
  • Predicting Attacks
  • Charities and NGOs
  • Summary

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

Designed specifically for analysts, FCIU staff, investigators, AML/CFT teams and compliance professionals within institutions of all sizes.


Méthodes d'évaluation

There is a 10 question knowledge check at the end of the course with a standard pass mark of 80% and unlimited attempts. The 10 questions are drawn randomly from a larger bank of questions. Each attempt will draw a different mix of questions.

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