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Intensive computing

3 month(s)


  • Present the concepts and practice of the basic principles of IT
  • Introduction to the Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint package
  • Internet

Basic computer skills are a minimum requirement for most positions available on the job market. Typing text, creating a small spreadsheet, knowing what parts make up a computer, and surfing the Internet safely are basic but essential knowledge for anyone looking to succeed in personal and professional life.

If you do not feel confident when buying or using a computer or laptop, the basic computer course will provide you with the basic knowledge so that you know how to use the main resources of your computer.

And more:

  • Learn how to choose a computer or laptop according to your needs
  • Learn how to protect yourself from viruses and other virtual threats
  • Learn how to download and install various programs
  • Learn about the main applications and how to create documents and spreadsheets
  • Explore social media and learn how to use it


  • Windows
  • Social media
  • Basic IT functions
  • Office, Word, Excel and Power Point pack
  • Email and Internet
  • Documents and files

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Pessoas que precisam conhecer o básico da informática
  • Profissionais e estudantes que precisam fazer uma carta, um CV, ou outro documento
  • Desempregados da ADEM
  • Mulheres ou Idosos que buscam Conhecimento de ferramentas de comunicação: email, internet


Certficate, diploma

OHC Certificate

Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Office House Capellen.

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