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The knowledge, management, training and regulation of the transport sector for all specific areas (air, freight, road etc.)

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2010

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Air transport

       Air freight

       Air hostess/steward

       Aircraft handling

              Airline transport pilot

              Flight instruments qualifications

              Pilot instruction

       Airport activity

       Drone remote guidance

       Flight mechanic

       Ground personnel

       Helicopter handling

Boating license

Freight contracting


       Agri-foods logistics

       Computer-integrated material handling

       Distribution logistics

       Transport logistics

Management of a transport company

Medical transport

River transport

Road transport

       Compulsory minimum initial training and compulsory


              Driving steering

              Taxi driving

              Training to be a driving school instructor

       Driving all-terrain vehicles

       Driving articulated vehicles

       Driving hgvs

       Driving proficiency

              Economical driving

       Driving transport vehicle with driver

       European driving licence

       Fleet management

       Motorcycle driving

       Prévention securite routière

       Public transport

              School transport


Sea transport

       Leisure craft navigation and commerce


       Naval officer

       Port activity

       Radio operator

       Ship's electrician

       Ship's mechanic

Sustainable transportation and logistics

Training of transport trainers

Transport law

Transport network guide

Transport of goods


       International transport

              Customs declaration



       Refrigerated transport

       Transport of hazardous materials

              Transport of chemical products

Transport quality

Transport safety

       Sécurite aérienne

Transporting live animals

Wire-guided transport


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