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Used for training related to the learning of software.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation

Source: Centre INFFO, 2010

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Accounting software

       EBP software

       Public-access catalogue software

       Saari software

Applications server software

Cad-cam software

       Catia software

Computerised accounts software

Decision-support software

       Business objects software

       Cognos software

       Hyperion software

Documentary software

       Alfresco software

       SharePoint software

E-mail management software

       Exchange software

       Logiciel mozilla thunderbird

       Lotus notes software

       Outlook software


       Angular framework

       Backbone.JS framework

       Bootstrap framework

       Hibernate framework

       JQuery framework

       React framework

       Symphony framework

Geographical information system software

Graphic software

       Cad/cam software

              Autocad software

              Blender Software

              Maya software

              SolidWorks Software

              ZBrush software

       DTP Software

              Acrobat software

              Indesign software

              Publisher software

              Quark xpress software

              Scribus software

       Image treatment software

              Corel draw software

              GIMP software

              Illustrator software

              Inkscape software

              Photoshop software

Integrated management software

       Sap software

Macpaint software

       E-commerce content management software

              Magento software

              PrestaShop software

       Euclid software

       Joomla software

       Macdraw software

       Open access software

       SPIP software

       Typo 3 software

Network management software

Office software

       Computer-aided presentation software

              Impress software

              Power point software

       Spreadsheet software

              Excel software

              Lotus software

       Word processing software

              Visio software

              Word software

              Writer software

       Works software

Project management software

       Ms-project software

Software for managing press subscriptions

Software for producing music

       Cubase software

       Finale software

       Logic pro software

       Max/MSP software

       Pro tools software

       Pyramix software

Web browser software

       Image processing software

       Internet explorer software

       Maestria software

       Safari software

Web page software

       Director software

       Dreamweaver mx software

       Flash software

       Muse Software

       WebDev Software

Web server software


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