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Adult training

Adult training is aimed at all adults who have left the school system, regardless of their age and level of education, and whether they are employed or looking for work. Adult education and vocational training are specifically designed to meet the needs of adults. They enable each and every person to benefit from training at various stages of his/her life in order to obtain an initial diploma, gain or improve his/her knowledge, change his/her professional prospects, adapt to new technologies or enhance his/her personal knowledge.

Adult education and vocational training is more specifically aimed at:

  • Those who have not completed their studies or training and would like to gain basic training, a secondary education diploma or secondary technical education diploma (second qualification route);
  • Holders of a Professional Competence Diploma (Diplôme d'Aptitude Professionnelle - DAP) or a Technical and Vocational Training Certificate (Certificat d'Aptitude Technique et Professionnelle - CATP) who wish to study for a Master Craftsmanship (Brevet de maîtrise);
  • Job seekers wishing to boost their chances of re-entering the job market;
  • Holders of a vocational or technical qualification who wish to add to or adapt this qualification in order to ensure that they can stay in their job, increase their competitive edge, change their career path etc.
  • All adults wishing to develop their knowledge of languages in various social, economic cultural or other areas for professional or personal reasons.

Source: Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse - MENJE)


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