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Defence, Prevention and Security

Used for very general training courses in risk prevention, security and defence.
Security of property and persons, police, monitoring (including health and safety).

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2010

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Corporate risk management

       Corporate criminal risk

       Economic and financial crime

       Industrial hazards

       Prevention of natural hazards

Evacuation of premises

Fire safety

       Security Services for Emergencies & Pers. Assist.

Prevention and safety at work

       Health safety and work management system

       Health safety and work regulations

       Health, safety and working conditions committee

       Occupational hazards

              Individual protection equipment

              Machine safety

              Occupational accident or disease

              Psychosocial risk

                     Discrimination and diversity management


              Single document

       Rescue and first aid at work

       Sub-contracting safety

       Working conditions


              Industrial hygiene

              Physical working environment

Safety audit

Safety equipment

Safety of play areas

Sécurite défense

Sécurite publique


       First aid


              First safety on the road

              Mine clearance

              Safety and first aid at sea

              Safety and first aid in the mountains


       Penitentiary service

       Police and constabulary

Surveillance and security

       Building security

              Safety in residential buildings

              Safety of public buildings

                     Store security

       Cash transportation

       Close protection


       Remote monitoring

       Surveillance at major events

Training the safety trainer


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