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Sprong an d'Léier

Supporting young adults looking for an apprenticeship in a suitable job

The 'Sprong an d'Léier' project is for young people between the ages of 18 and 24 who do not have an apprenticeship contract and are registered with the 'Beruffsinformatiounszentrum' (BIZ), the job information centre, at the ADEM. The aim is to help them find a place as an apprentice for the next school year. The project offers an alternative to COIP classes, and is intended to provide a more personalised support.

The young people are helped to find an employer who would provide training and to compile their CV and covering letter once the educational team has drawn up an individual training plan with them. They are also prepared for job interviews. Work is done either in small groups or individually.

The project aims to provide more suitable guidance by enabling the young people to find out more about potential future jobs and ensuring they meet the necessary requirements. Each young person is entitled to try out four different areas. The areas available for apprenticeships are construction, hairdressing, personal assistance, catering, and metalworking.

The process

  1. Initial contact, first interview to check interest and appropriate skills for the project.

  2. Clearing: explanation of how the project works, creating individual timetables according to the young person's preferences and requirements.
    Duration: 1 week

  3. Trying out different jobs, with a choice of 6 workshops: sales and clothing repairs, metalworking, hairdressing, cooking, construction, general sales.
    Duration: 3 x 3 weeks; if required, also 4 x 3 weeks

  4. Outplacement: drawing up CV and covering letter, looking for potential placement employers, support for job interviews, etc.
    Duration: 2 weeks, may be extended to 3 weeks depending on possibilities and requirements

  5. Guidance placement: still with a view to obtaining a place as an apprentice.
    Duration: at least 4 weeks; may be extended as required


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