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Application for co-funding


  • External training course spread over two financial years
    The full cost should be detailed in the year during which the training project is completed.
    Example: a language training course which starts in September in year N and ends in June in year N+1 should be detailed in full (invoice of external trainer (even if this was paid in the first calendar year), hours of attendance, etc.) in the application for co-funding submitted in year N+1.

  • Language courses: proof of participation
    As proof of employees' participation in language courses, whether in the classroom or by distance learning, for groups or individually, certificates or attestations of participation for each employee should be sent in with the application for co-funding (see specimen under the heading "Form").

  • The period of eligibility of the training plan is based solely on the calendar year, i.e. from 1 January to 31 December.

  • The personal submission of co-funding applications is no longer accepted.

  • Your application for co-funding, together with a USB stick or a CD containing the Excel spreadsheet should be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by tracked parcel post to the following address

    Immeuble CUBUS C2
    2 Rue Peternelchen      
    L-2370 Howald

    More information

Form (only available in german or french)

  • Form in german
für Weiterbildungen, die im Jahr


stattgefunden haben
Einreichungsfrist: 31. Juli 2021
für Weiterbildungen, die im Jahr


stattgefunden haben
Einreichungsfrist: 31. Mai 2022
Video Tutorial

Icon - Anwesenheitsliste Icon - PDF
Die Vorlagen für die Anwesenheitslisten sind im Kofinanzierungsantragsformular integriert Vorlage eines Teilnahmezertifkats
für die Weiterbildungen im Bereich Sprachen

  • Form in french

Demande de cofinancement
pour formations ayant eu lieu en


à remettre au plus tard pour
le 31 juillet 2021
Demande de cofinancement
pour formations ayant eu lieu en


à remettre au plus tard pour
le 31 mai 2022

'attendance list' button 'pdf' button
Les modèles des listes de présence
sont intégrés au formulaire
de demande de cofinancement
Modèle de certificat
de participation pour les
formations en langues

Separators (only in french)
to be printed preferably
on paper at least 180 g/m² in weight

Protection of personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes new demands that have an impact on the procedure for processing applications for co-funding continuing vocational training. The application form now includes a text on the Regulation, under a new tab in the form, entitled ‘GDPR’.

Last update - 14.09.2021
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