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Séminaire économique - Towards Fair and High‐Quality Education for Luxembourg’s Students of Today and Tomorrow

Statec - 14/07/2020

Statec Semeco_14JUL20 International large-scale assessments (e.g., the OECD’s PISA studies) have repeatedly shown that many educational systems in modern societies—Luxembourg being no exception—struggle with the adequate handling of increasingly diverse student populations.

Understanding and learning how to effectively deal with highly heterogeneous groups of learners (i.e., solving the equation of providing equal opportunities for success to everybody, independent of her/his socioeconomic, sociocultural and linguistic background) can be considered Luxembourg’s biggest educational—and quite possibly also societal—challenge of today.

The present talk will review established facts, provide tentative explanations for these facts, and develop as well as discuss a working hypothesis on how to solve the aforementioned metaphorical equation.

The seminar will be held in English by Antoine Fischbach (University of Luxembourg) as a webinar via the Skype for Business platform. Online access is possible for participants outside the government network. Please log in at 10h45 am to test the functionality.

Please register before July 10, 2020.

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Inscription obligatoire
Date 14/07/2020
Horaire 11h00 à 12h00
Lieu Webinar

Contact Pascale Armstrong
+352 247 84234
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