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Webinar - Security – A critical topic in a lockdown period

Grant Thornton Luxembourg - 16/04/2020

You have invested a lot of time and effort into your business. As always, Grant Thornton is here to support you to take the right decisions in time of crisis. With a multidisciplinary team of specialists by your side, you can clearly think of the next steps to return to "normal" and know that you are not doing it alone.

  • Was your company ready to face the crisis we are living?
  • Were all the measures in place to ensure an efficient and secure homeworking?

In this Webinar, Jean-Hubert Antoine (CISO - Grant Thornton Luxembourg) and Jean-Yves Mathieu (ISO - Grant Thornton Luxembourg) will go through these questions by making the link between the traditional BCP vs. homeworking.

On top of that, they will highlight the Cyber risks related to this mass homeworking period and suggest measures to mitigate them.


  • Quick introduction of the speakers and of Grant Thornton Luxembourg
  • BCP - Common mistakes and solutions
  • Homeworking in BCP - How to deal with it?
  • Cyber COVID-19 - A big opportunity for cybercriminals and how to react
  • Q&A session

Join our Webinar and learn from our experts tips and best practices!

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Grant Thornton Luxembourg


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Date 16/04/2020
Horaire 11h00 à 11h45
Prix Gratuit
Lieu Webinar

Contact Caroline Soetens
+352 45 38 78 1
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