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Webinar BrainBreakfast

Working Remotely? How to Navigate towards Increased Engagement!

MindForest - 15/04/2020

Mindforest-Webinar-Working Remotely? MindForest is delighted to invite you to its virtual BrainBreakfast “Working Remotely? How to Navigate towards Increased Engagement!”.

Did you know that, according to a recent Gallup study, 80% of employees in Luxembourg consider themselves disengaged at work?

While most of us have suddenly been forced to work from home, even before the crisis remote working was on the rise. Why it is crucial for companies to consider what impact this has on the engagement and motivation of their employees?

During the webinar we will discuss ways and means of keeping your employees engaged even when working at a distance:

  • What does engagement really mean and does there have to be any negative impact as a result of remote working?
  • How much influence can a manager exert in order to ensure a healthy and engaged remote working culture?
  • How difficult is it to keep your employees both energetic and motivated?

This webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange with others in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Inscription obligatoire
Date 15/04/2020
Horaire 09h00 à 10h00
Prix Gratuit
Lieu Zoom

Contact Jane Barton
+352 43 93 66 67 70
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