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Sustainable Business- re-design your business model!

Co-creation Meet Up Sustainability in Business

ArtSquareLab - 26/02/2020

Sustainable Business - is that possible?

While studying the Trend Reports for 2020 we hear almost the same melody about sustainable/regenerative business with environmental protection, development goals, restoring natural habitats, influencing communities positively and transparency and honesty deeply embedded in the service offerings. Younger generations of investors will have different investment priorities, more and more customers already today opt for brands with "long-term, forward-looking view that care for the planet and people" as Fjord report says. The same document continues: "Capitalism is evolving: People are becoming increasingly conscious and hyper-aware of how their purchases affect others and Earth’s resources, growth for profit alone will fade away as people demand products and services that are personally meaningful and socially and environmentally beneficial".

  • Does the change happen organically in the companies or is it forced by new legislations?
  • How might we support companies to make a shift in their business models or get inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Can we get inspired by the positive companies, sustainable "doers"?
  • Will social entreprises shape the future market?

During this meet up we will host several panelists who will share with us their reflection about sustainability.

18.45: doors open

19.00: welcome

19.05- 20.30: panel

20.30-21.00 networking

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Date 26/02/2020
Horaire 18h30 à 20h30
Prix Gratuit
Lieu ArtSquareLab
48, avenue de la Liberté
L-1930 Luxembourg
Contact Magdalena Jakubowska
+352 691 307 400
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