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People drive Business - but what drives people?

Can employee surveys make an impact?

MindForest - 15/11/2018

People feel, therefore they perform. Employee surveys can be used to find out about how employees feel about their jobs, colleagues and the organization. Today, effective organizational changes grounded in employee survey results have been identified as a key performance driver for 21st century companies.

However, employee surveys are complex tools with a variety of potential pitfalls that can “rock the organizational boat”. What data should be collected? How often? How much is too much? How can survey results be translated into organizational changes? Which stakeholders should be involved, how and when? What role does communication play? How can digital technologies be leveraged? How can organizational and economic impact be measured?

Dr Marcus B Müller is a Professor of Management at the Jack Welch College of Business in Luxembourg. He is an organizational psychology expert who has gained significant practical experience with employee surveys (a) as an employee during his 16 year career in industry, (b) as a scientist applying employee surveys in his research studies and (c) as a consultant advising companies on employee engagement, health, well-being and performance in Luxembourg and abroad.

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