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EPALE Community Conference - Shaping the future of Adult Learning in Europe

EPALE - 06/10/2020

Epale Community Conference

On 6-7-8 October 2020, EPALE is hosting an Online Community Conference which is open to the entire Adult Learning Community from right across Europe. The innovative online format will allow much wider participation and active contributions from a broad group of Stakeholders from all sectors and countries in Europe.

The objective of the event is to strengthen cooperation and knowledge exchange among Adult Learning Stakeholders; connecting experts, trainers, training providers and policy makers to help shape the future of Adult Learning in Europe in the uncertain years ahead.

Contributors will explore how the Community can address the challenges created by COVID-19 and develop new opportunities for sustainable growth within the sector.

The conference will focus on the key priorities in Adult Learning such as Digital Learning, Lifelong Upskilling and Social Inclusion; with an engaging mix of Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussions and Interactive Workshops to inform attendees and stimulate ideas.

All the panels will be moderated by Tamsin Rose.

The conference agenda will run over three consecutive days with the following specific themes for each day:

  • Day 1 - Digital Learning & Skills: Managing change, embracing transformation
  • Day 2 - Joining forces to provide lifelong upskilling: building stakeholder collaboration
  • Day 3 - Social Inclusion & Democracy: Opportunities for change

The Keynote Speeches and general Panel Discussions on each day will be public events which are available to view via the EPALE platform and also on EPALE Facebook.

We will also host Thematic Workshops and National Panel Discussions which will be accessible only after registration as participants are limited.

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Date Du 06/10/2020 au 08/10/2020
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