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Transfer of knowledge into day to day work after training requires practice and coaching

The Phoenix Project DevOps Business Simulation

Pierre-Olivier Portmann Service Management Consulting - 12/12/2019

This year, we ran numerous DevOps training sessions and our expectations were very high. Would the teams be able to apply theory into practice? The answer was, "not without any support".

Most of the teams did not start using Kanban, user stories, Continuous Delivery, etc... while it was all part of the training. Only after some coaching, people could make the transfer from the classroom theory into this new context.

This shows that there must be serious attention for this transfer of knowledge for every serious training program.

We decided to introduce a business simulation as a starting point for organizations with a desire to explore the do’s and don’ts of working in a DevOps way.

At the end of the session we looked back at the whole day. What did we learn? What can we use in our day to day business?

Good thing was that at the end of the day, the overall opinion was that the team has learned so much more after the simulation. They now better "understand" the theory and came with great ideas for follow up actions.

Want to start your DevOps journey? Go ahead with the Phoenix Project...

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