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How Classroom Based Training Adds Value To Your Learning Experience?

Self-study vs classroom-based learning: what's the best approach? Why to enroll for a classroom based PRINCE2 Project Management training?

David Maegerman- Project Management specialist and Trainer - 25/06/2019

Why follow a classroom based training?

It’s a question we hear more and more these days. Possibilities for individual or web-based learning have improved and become more established. And honestly said, individual learning offers some advantage as the chance of learning at your own path and save money. Sometimes you can obtain your certification at a really advantageous price without the worries of organizing your day to find at least 5 free hours to go to the course but in a classroom based course there are added value impossible to replicate with virtual learning: the exchange of experiences. When dealing with learning and enacting best practices as PRINCE2 Project Management, experience really matter and having a great trainer makes all the difference! Every trainer got is own teaching style and s/he is able to tailor the teaching on the learners' needs giving real-life examples and sharing lessons learned.

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David Maegerman- Project Management specialist and Trainer


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