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NEW online master programme!

BBI Luxembourg - 14/03/2019

BBI Luxembourg is now part of the global e-learning community. With the addition of our new Master in Hospitality Business Administration we wish to appeal to a variety of potential students.

BBI NEW online master programme "First and foremost this new programme is oriented to hospitality professionals, currently in employment, who never had an opportunity to obtain their master degree, because it was either not as widely available or simply because it was not something that was required", says Hans De Meyer, Director of Marketing at BBI Luxembourg.

"As we all know, things change. In the current market, more and more hospitality companies do not only look at the gained knowledge and experience through a bachelor degree, but also expect their staff to have a higher level of understanding and deeper knowledge when it comes down to upper management positions. This is where a master degree comes in."

Other possible candidates could be professionals wishing to make a change in their career path by choosing for the hospitality or tourism sector, or simply students living outside of the European Union without the possibility of obtaining a long term residency permit for any given EU country.

If you wish to learn more about this programme contact our Admissions Office to find out about our possible early bird discounts!

The start of the actual online classes is planned for end of September 2019.

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